Friday, September 3, 2010

Overview, Synthesis, Matrix & Beyond

It’s very common for people these days to speak of “the matrix” in reference to the reality we live in. Usually “the matrix” is associated with a prison type control system and sinister hidden controllers (Archons). It’s a bit more complex than that.

In fact we live in a matrix within a matrix within a matrix...

The root of the word matrix is “womb/ mother”:
[from Latin: womb, female animal used for breeding, from māter mother]
The primary definition is:
“A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained.”
The matrix defines the parameters in which we develop our individuated corporeal selves. Ultimately the human body/ biofield is a matrix of its own (think of the egg shaped aura). The earth is a matrix that houses us. The solar system and the galaxy are both matrixes that house the earth. The universe is a matrix that houses the galaxies.
Matrixes within matrices.
This universe likely has a toroidal shape similar to that of a galaxy, and it is contained in a greater matrix that houses multiple universes just as our universe houses many galaxies.
The matrix that houses our universe is housed by an even bigger matrix. It goes on infinitely. Yet you get into the larger and larger macro world and all of a sudden you’re back in the microcosm and the very matrix that houses the universe is but an atom in the very same universe (think of what they are really doing at CERN!). The big bang is no single past event, obviously LIFE IS a never ending big bang and big crunch at the same time.

The Micro and the Macro are fractal oneness, just as yin and yang can never truly be separate. Each individual is an entire universe, and the kingdom is most assuredly within, connected to everything yet individuated from it at the same time (and clearly this universe encourages individuation, even to extremes, yet the individuation can never truly be separate, even though the ego might want or falsely perceive that).

"It's turtles all the way down"

Underlying the fractal, "beyond the beyond” --- the formless zero point spirit foundation that permeates All and Nothing. I like to refer to “it” as The Everlasting Arms, forever embracing creation in a hug like a ZERO, yet no circumference, from which all matrixes emerge (0=2).
These arms have never let go or we wouldn’t be here and existence would never have happened. Nothing escapes the embrace of the Arms. [This is how we know that “evil” (an aberration of the polarity of death/nonexistence) never has or will succeed in “seceding”, i.e. true separateness from creation.]
Nature isn’t the only maker of matrixes. Just like humans make test tube babies, there are forces out there that make artificial matrixes, and their motives are complex. At this point humans are living in an artificial matrix that is superimposed upon the natural earth matrix. Rumor has it that Earth’s current moon is involved in the creation and/or maintenance of that false matrix. Archons (/aliens) are blamed or at least involved. The truth is surely extremely wacky by earthling standards. Indeed, “the empire never ended”.
But we’re always leaning….