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Welcome to my blog which serves as an outlet for my writings and will mostly focus on occult and esoteric subjects, self awareness and health as well as a bit of geopolitical ranting. 

Right now I'm focusing my time on youtube videos, but blogs will start returning any day now... 

Please be advised of the following disclaimers:

I have elected to ignore the comments section but encourage anyone with something important to tell me to send an email or comment to me at my account on youtube.

You can find me here: 

If you ask a question and do not get a reply, it’s because your answer is contained within this orientation OR I am not willing to take the time to engage your line of inquiry because I think it’s unproductive for whatever reason.  Please don’t take it personally.  I love it when people change or expand my mind and I know there is a huge volume of material out there that I haven’t gotten around to so your wisdom is totally appreciated. Please don't email me until you have fully read the following, and you realize that you are free to disagree without wasting both our time.  Remember, no one cares what you think except those who wish to control you. 

The original content of this blog is covered by copyright, but as it states at the bottom, you may share the info contained within (or selected parts of the original content) as long as you provide the link to the material along with it.

Please feel free to email me if you feel I have posted some content that you believe is your "intellectual property".   Let me know if I'm missing relevant links or sourcing, many pics are all over blogs and such on the web and have no "source" to connect to.  I will remove the content or add source links if you simply ask so don't get your panties in a bunch, I have no intention of stealing anyone's credit, but if you try to tell me that you own an "idea" you will get nowhere.  I will do my best to post only that which is covered under "fair use".  Please know you will be ignored if you try to tell me this is a "criminal" act or whatnot, the world is going to shit so copyright nazis are ridiculous, intimidation is futile, simply ask and it will likely be removed because my content is solid on its own and pics or vids for eduational purposes can always be replaced.   If it's a youtube video, take it up with them. 
This blog may not be suitable for people who are highly triggered by certain symbolism due to ritual or conditioning through various levels of abuse.  It is definitely not suitable for those who condemn the study of the occult OR who associate ALL such things with the negative "overlords" who are trying to run this planet into the ground.

If you feel extremely confused or fearful about occult subject matter, aliens, or mind control, etc. or if you automatically think it's all negative, this blog is not for you as it may seriously push your buttons and even confuse you further.  Mind control relies on such polarized thinking and I strongly advise people who have emotional issues and "triggering" around these subjects and symbols to digest this blog slowly or not at all.   A heavily damaged mind should avoid such stimuli and seek grounding and natural healing.

PLEASE don’t associate me with those whose work I cite, quote or even recommend.  I’ve gotten a lot out of the work of some real creeps and possible shills, and there are aspects of almost everyone’s work that have value for the discerning mind.  If I agree with one part of someone’s claims or work it does NOT mean I agree with the rest.  

I do not belong to any groups or organizations whatsoever and I have only a few truly close friends.  Despite the fact that I do “entertain” and even promote some of the ideas and principals of certain organizations or individuals, I do not have any formal affiliations with these groups or individuals beyond respect for fellow humans. Any casual affiliations are friendship and information sharing only (and that includes my non human contacts!).  Any protection I receive from off world/ hyperdimensional contacts is freely given for the highest and best good of all concerned without interfering with my life lessons. 

This is serious subject matter and I am a very sincere individual, yet at the same time I think it’s dangerous to get too caught up in that.  I don’t pretend to be a professional (more of a “lover of”) and there is no charge for the stuff I’m posting here.  This whole blog is dedicated to my brother, Baby Guido aka Peace Poop Baby who has inspired me to always be young at heart and to laugh off anxiety.  It's a compilation of my work for his benefit and amusement and anyone else who wants to view it is welcome, it's written for the public.  This blog also would never have been possible without my many teachers, "Mtsar", Ed F.,"Star", C and C, and many others who will never read this shit, bless you all!  

I will do my best to avoid allowing this blog to start sounding like a journal or even a sounding board, yet I cannot help how deeply personal it must be.   So you can perhaps see why the time consuming and distracting nature of “comments” doesn’t interest me here.  Any truly relevant facts sent my way via email will be considered or even added to a blog post with references.  And yes, I realize my HTML is often wacked - sorry I'm just too computer illiterate to fix it.  The posts are subject to editing at any time and notes will be made with major changes.  ANYTHING you say to me via email can be published here at my discretion.  If you kindly ask that I do not publish what you email me, your request will be honored. 

My background is complicated and will be slowly revealed in the blogs despite my lack of last name (another sign of my unprofessional attitude).    
I’ve networked with a lot of people in the vast community of conspiracies (used to go by "queenofnight" at myspace) and the occult and look forward to presenting some of my unpublished material for you guys to consider and benefit from.   

It’s also essential to realize that this blog deals heavily with the fact that the human race is currently preyed upon from “hyperdimensional” realities and that certain non human intelligences (E.T. and/or interdimensional) are running a show so to speak on this planet from behind the scenes.  That they exert heavy control over governments and the media is obvious, and shouldn’t need to be pointed out or proven in this venue. 

There may be terminology or symbolism in this blog that is confusing and at any time I will clarify via email if I think you’ll understand me. All symbols are just symbols and many symbols commonly demonized are actually powerfully good when used or viewed in the proper way. The Yin is always inherent in the Yang and vice versa.   It’s more than just good intentions required, it’s how we respond to the symbolic reality both positive and negative.  

It’s good to have awareness that some symbolism is used for harm or mind control purposes, however we must remember that butterflies, dragons and even pentagrams are not inherently evil and are not always part of a sinister mind control agenda.  If you think they are then you have been mind controlled and polarized and you likely throw the baby out with the bathwater quite often.  Even the Christian symbolism is not all mind control and contains much truth and beauty for those with eyes and hearts to see it with.  The beauty and the secrets of the divine are embedded all around us and one can embrace those symbols without using them to abuse and control others for personal elevation or being controlled by them.  Self awareness leads to an increase in mental discernment and one can see symbols and words for what they are and recognize mind control before it ever takes over.

This compilation of my field work and research will suit the reader who has an elastic mind that can rise above slight glitches in semantics, like my brother Baby Guido.   I am a bit overly right brained (and left handed) and this deeply influences the non linear nature of my thinking and writing, and is also the reason this blog has few technical frills.  If you're looking for something professional or academic you won't find much of that here, but if you're into field work and research from an outsider who has endured, this is your cup of tea!

And finally, the usual disclaimers: “don’t try this at home kids” and “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”